Let’s Believe

Let’s believe

That somewhere there’s a land,
Where our vision doesn’t meet horizons
And the mind dares to soar to where there are no desires.

That someday darkness won’t exist
Our fears and guilt be defeated by conscience, ungiving;
Our shadows too will brighten and pave way,
Making sure every aura gets a chance to play.

It’s a possible land, with simplicity all around
Where sound is music, and numbness dances along.
Miracles happen but that’s a daily tale,
And ever creature lives with nothing at stake.

Each blooms with hope not succumbing,
To catch the drops of freedom and bathe in vitality.

Let’s believe
That a place such does exist,
Where rainbows never end and happiness showers when thought of.
Where the moonlight hums and the breeze translates.

We know it’s imaginary, but so is our existence,
There is need to calm, even if it’s believing in illusion!


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