My Rainbow

Was done with the rains, wet and drenched.
I stood waiting for the Sunbeam
To come and play on my hair.
Shine through it, fall on my cheek,
Make patterns through my netted locks.

And so you came.

From behind the clouds, the sun gave a glimpse,
And my sky looked outlined, radiating gold.
I stood waiting and beams fell, touched.
Warmed up the coldest parts of me,
And I let them kiss my hair, skin, everywhere.

I let you.

I never knew when this summer began,
And the drops the rain left on me
Slowly evaporated from the new found heat.
I twirled and took off the layers I’d worn,
Heavy that they were, now I felt light, could float.

You slowly carved your way in.

I watched shadows lingering
And mirages on the long roads.
I let the temperatures rise in me too,
As I allowed the hot sand and broken shells
To Pinch and burn my toes.

I showed you my vulnerabilities.

I danced around on the scorching pebbles,
Till I realised I was burning.
I tried looking at that blazing sun,
That I couldn’t see eye to eye
Wondering is this what I’d asked for?

I knew you’d taken the better of me.

Once again, I started praying,
Wishing seasons didn’t get to extremes.
I had once longed for a drizzle,
got myself a hurricane.
The summer was getting to drought.

I knew you meant to stay, but had to ask you to leave.

Maybe this time I’ll not ask,
for the rains or the sun.
Maybe I’ll wait for the perfect day to unfold by itself.
There is hope for a day so perfectly blended,
When the sun and rain will give me my rainbow!


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