Paint Your Life

Paint your life,
Let desires unfold, Light or dark; subtle or bold.
Break the rules, and set free, be how the heart longs to be.
Use your colors, as you may, to make your masterpiece, your way.

Paint your life,
It was yours, and is; to experiment and create bliss.
Grab the joy, hold it tight; keep it there during the darkest night.
Smile and write, on the manuscript; notes of music, simple or flipped.

Paint your life,
Grab your brush, give it a stroke; choose your hue and let life soak.
Draw no boundaries, no limits; feel free to flee.
Set aside the tears and wails; it’s your life, and today’s your day.

Paint your life,
Waste not a second, and no moment; steal the time to go the distance.
Shed away the burden and the baggage; let pass by the hours and the days.
Explore beyond explored, take time to look within; learn, introspect and paint the world you’re in!


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