My Shadow

I had a pal, whom I’d say was quite like me. 

He tagged along since when I can remember. 

For most of what I recollect,

He was a moody chap. 

There were hours when he was bossy,

And he walked along looking larger than me. 

Times when he was timid,

And he hid under me. 

Yes we did walk along 

At times feeling mutual, looking alike.

The magnitude of his mood swings, 

Didn’t change his being by my side. 

As a child, I’d try to run away form him,

But he stuck on like it was his duty.

We’ve never shared a conversation, 

Not once in all these years, surprisingly.

All I seem to know is-

His moods are affected by the sun,

And he sticks closer when it’s hot.

He’s a loyal friend who’d never leave,

Unless for his fear of the dark.


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