Surrender: Love

As I lay there, beside you,
Surrendering my flesh and soul,
You touched bits of me,
And made me a whole.

You unlocked the locks of my hair,
While you locked your gaze with mine.
I wrapped myself around you,
And clung on, like it was all I had.

You whispered tales to me,
I dreamed of them when I slept.
Curled up in the sheets creases and our caress,
I felt our breaths.

You let yourself on me,
And I let your rivers pour into my sea.
You’ve made my heart not skip a beat,
But finally taught me the sound of it beat.

Re-blogging: 3 years later

“Sukoon Milta Hai Do Lafz Kaagaz Par Utaar Kar,
Cheenkh Bhi Leta Hoon, Aur Awaaz Bhi Nahi Hoti.”
-Piyush Mishra

It’s been four years since I ended my previous blog: ‘Splashes of Verve: Painting Life With a Tinge of Absurd‘. This, today, is a humble attempt (on a lot of persuasion) to begin writing yet again, with an amateurish mature touch. (Oh, my mother will be elated!)

What follows is random extracts of prose and poetry that I pen down usually in the dark hours after midnight.

Let the posts speak for themselves.

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