My Shadow

I had a pal, whom I’d say was quite like me. 

He tagged along since when I can remember. 

For most of what I recollect,

He was a moody chap. 

There were hours when he was bossy,

And he walked along looking larger than me. 

Times when he was timid,

And he hid under me. 

Yes we did walk along 

At times feeling mutual, looking alike.

The magnitude of his mood swings, 

Didn’t change his being by my side. 

As a child, I’d try to run away form him,

But he stuck on like it was his duty.

We’ve never shared a conversation, 

Not once in all these years, surprisingly.

All I seem to know is-

His moods are affected by the sun,

And he sticks closer when it’s hot.

He’s a loyal friend who’d never leave,

Unless for his fear of the dark.


Elves of Depression: Stay Wild

They’ll knock at your private doors,
In the moments you’re morose.
You’ll want to let them in,
Have them do their creative thing.

Seeping into your mind’s darkest depths,
They’ll knit pieces of insecurity.
Having quite an expertise,
They’ll make sure, to them you pay heed.

Little bits of doubt and remorse,
Will be spun into endless steams of thought.
Awake in bed, at 3am,
You’ll be sailing down their path.

Such are these little creatures,
That creep into our fine minds,
These elves of depression, pity and lows,
Who narrate to us our negatives and cloud our souls.

Amidst the shade, amidst the rain,
Protect your esteem, don’t drain.
Sulk, let the gloom go by,
Stay strong, stay wild, Child.

Paint Your Life

Paint your life,
Let desires unfold, Light or dark; subtle or bold.
Break the rules, and set free, be how the heart longs to be.
Use your colors, as you may, to make your masterpiece, your way.

Paint your life,
It was yours, and is; to experiment and create bliss.
Grab the joy, hold it tight; keep it there during the darkest night.
Smile and write, on the manuscript; notes of music, simple or flipped.

Paint your life,
Grab your brush, give it a stroke; choose your hue and let life soak.
Draw no boundaries, no limits; feel free to flee.
Set aside the tears and wails; it’s your life, and today’s your day.

Paint your life,
Waste not a second, and no moment; steal the time to go the distance.
Shed away the burden and the baggage; let pass by the hours and the days.
Explore beyond explored, take time to look within; learn, introspect and paint the world you’re in!

The Universe, the fight, and we

Sometimes, the universe fights.
It fights for you and me, it fights for us.

It fights for the planets to align themselves,
for for the clocks to tick just right.

It fights.

It fights from (and for) my fantasies and your beliefs,
It makes sure we are where we’re meant to be.

Paths cross, incidentally.
And, You and Me, know We.

It also fights for strange coincidences,
And for unexplained connections.

It fights for what we don’t understand,
With timing unbelievable.

It fights to make us stronger, wiser,
Just enough to cherish what we call fate.

Oh, the universe and its ways!

Long for Me?

With love, (with vulnerability)

“You stood up, I stole a glance,
Only to realize I was now staring.
I buckled up, and advanced,
To know whom you were.

Years and months far gone,
I sense you living in me.
My mouth utters words you spoke,
Imitations of you, became me.

We’ve parted, but your touch still lingers,
We’ve made decisions, but sometimes I don’t want to remember.
I want your hand in mine, interwined.

The smiles come by, yet laughter sighs.
Memories are hard to kill.
Someday, alone, on a rainy night,
Do you too long for me?”

My Rainbow

Was done with the rains, wet and drenched.
I stood waiting for the Sunbeam
To come and play on my hair.
Shine through it, fall on my cheek,
Make patterns through my netted locks.

And so you came.

From behind the clouds, the sun gave a glimpse,
And my sky looked outlined, radiating gold.
I stood waiting and beams fell, touched.
Warmed up the coldest parts of me,
And I let them kiss my hair, skin, everywhere.

I let you.

I never knew when this summer began,
And the drops the rain left on me
Slowly evaporated from the new found heat.
I twirled and took off the layers I’d worn,
Heavy that they were, now I felt light, could float.

You slowly carved your way in.

I watched shadows lingering
And mirages on the long roads.
I let the temperatures rise in me too,
As I allowed the hot sand and broken shells
To Pinch and burn my toes.

I showed you my vulnerabilities.

I danced around on the scorching pebbles,
Till I realised I was burning.
I tried looking at that blazing sun,
That I couldn’t see eye to eye
Wondering is this what I’d asked for?

I knew you’d taken the better of me.

Once again, I started praying,
Wishing seasons didn’t get to extremes.
I had once longed for a drizzle,
got myself a hurricane.
The summer was getting to drought.

I knew you meant to stay, but had to ask you to leave.

Maybe this time I’ll not ask,
for the rains or the sun.
Maybe I’ll wait for the perfect day to unfold by itself.
There is hope for a day so perfectly blended,
When the sun and rain will give me my rainbow!

Let’s Believe

Let’s believe

That somewhere there’s a land,
Where our vision doesn’t meet horizons
And the mind dares to soar to where there are no desires.

That someday darkness won’t exist
Our fears and guilt be defeated by conscience, ungiving;
Our shadows too will brighten and pave way,
Making sure every aura gets a chance to play.

It’s a possible land, with simplicity all around
Where sound is music, and numbness dances along.
Miracles happen but that’s a daily tale,
And ever creature lives with nothing at stake.

Each blooms with hope not succumbing,
To catch the drops of freedom and bathe in vitality.

Let’s believe
That a place such does exist,
Where rainbows never end and happiness showers when thought of.
Where the moonlight hums and the breeze translates.

We know it’s imaginary, but so is our existence,
There is need to calm, even if it’s believing in illusion!

Surrender: Love

As I lay there, beside you,
Surrendering my flesh and soul,
You touched bits of me,
And made me a whole.

You unlocked the locks of my hair,
While you locked your gaze with mine.
I wrapped myself around you,
And clung on, like it was all I had.

You whispered tales to me,
I dreamed of them when I slept.
Curled up in the sheets creases and our caress,
I felt our breaths.

You let yourself on me,
And I let your rivers pour into my sea.
You’ve made my heart not skip a beat,
But finally taught me the sound of it beat.

Re-blogging: 3 years later

“Sukoon Milta Hai Do Lafz Kaagaz Par Utaar Kar,
Cheenkh Bhi Leta Hoon, Aur Awaaz Bhi Nahi Hoti.”
-Piyush Mishra

It’s been four years since I ended my previous blog: ‘Splashes of Verve: Painting Life With a Tinge of Absurd‘. This, today, is a humble attempt (on a lot of persuasion) to begin writing yet again, with an amateurish mature touch. (Oh, my mother will be elated!)

What follows is random extracts of prose and poetry that I pen down usually in the dark hours after midnight.

Let the posts speak for themselves.

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